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Located right at the gateway to the Steens Mountains in Burns, Oregon is Oard’s Gallery, a third-generation Native American jewelry and art museum.

“James Oard and his wife started the business 135 years ago. Since then, we have passed on the torch through the generations. Originally, we started as a stagecoach shop. Yet, over the years, we have expanded to selling many one-of-a-kind items. Including, original arts and crafts.”

The family-owned business shares the artwork of nine different tribes in their area, including their local tribe the Paiutes. All the art available at Oard’s Gallery is handmade, that’s why a lot is truly original and never manufactured.

If you want authentic Native American jewelry or art, then Oard’s is the place to visit. Find a gift that you’ll treasure for years to come online at oardsgallery.com.