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Photo by: IMTCA……

Most riders and trainers know the value of trail obstacles. They offer a unique challenge for your horse and help them overcome their fears. Some includes tarps, umbrellas, water elements, and bridges. The options are endless!

It can be scary for your horse to step onto a bridge or platform. Once you help them beat this fear, you’ll find it’s quite helpful for trailer loading and trail riding. Start small and work your way up to larger and higher obstacles.

Here’s a unique one! Your horse has to be confident and steady to complete this obstacle.

Up, up, up! This horse climbs those steps effortlessly.

Do you have some old tractor tires laying around? Try building this!

Simple yet challenging, these may look easy but they require a lot of balance. Your horse will need to be attentive to your cues.

Wow, hopefully you’re not afraid of heights!

Most of these can be completed both on the ground and under saddle. Take your time to master them!