Photos courtesy of @rachelsisneros and @octocurl Instagram……

“Heat tools can be very hard on hair.  Even if you love your blowouts and are not ready to go heatless 100% of the time, alternating with a natural styling method can make a big difference in the health of your hair.  

“Or maybe you want to break free from heat tools altogether!  If that’s the case, the versatility of Octocurl may just be your solution. Octocurl comes in 3 fabric choices: Microfiber, Satin, and Cotton Poplin.” -Octocurl

Finally a heatless tool to give those curls we all want! You just wrap your slightly damp hair in the Octocurl, sleep in it, and take it out in the morning!

Check out their website or @rachelsisneros on Instagram for some easy tutorials!

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