odd things cowgirl magazine
Photo By: Farmer Peg……

Most riders will have a moment where they look at their horse and say “what are you doing?…”. Their odd quirks and behaviors make them look silly and even foolish. Some will get in weird angles for grass under the fence. Others will make questionable faces randomly. Here’s some of the more funny and unique ones!

This horse has decided to take a seat out in his field.

Got to get that juicy green grass… no matter what!

So so relaxed! Some horses even drool from their droopy lower lip.

Known as the flehmen response, horses do this when taking in certain scents.

This foal is clapping his lips together to show submission to the other horse. He wants to let them know he’s not a threat.

And of course, many horses love to roll in mud. Why, oh why! Do they like being stinky and gross?

How silly and bizarre are some of these things!?!