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Jessie Jarvis has been working on a project for quite some time now and she is finally ready to introduce it to the world!

Of The West is a multi-faceted digital platform focused on bringing together job seekers, employers, services, and tradespeople—serving all areas of the agriculture and western industries.⁣

“We are dedicated to providing the best opportunities for job seekers, attracting the highest-quality job candidates for employers, and providing an easy way to locate top of the line businesses in all agriculture and western service sectors.”

“Of The West is broken down into two parts: Jobs and Trades. Jobs Of The West is specifically dedicated to America’s agriculture and western industry workforce. We wanted to bring the right jobs to the right people, and in turn, bring a stronger group of applicants to those who were looking to fill positions. Trades Of The West is focused on the service side of the agriculture and western industries. It supplies business owners with a place to list and promote their businesses, directly in front of the eyes of their niche clientele; thus allowing searchers an easy way to find the exact type of business they are looking for.” ⁣

Together, these two platforms are able to bring the people of the west together, proving that American agriculture and all aspects of the west, are alive and well.