"Cowgirl Magazine" - State Horse

There are a little over a dozen U.S. states that have named an official horse breed to represent them. The first state to ever list one was Vermont in 1961. Since then, many more have joined the bandwagon. A few states have proposed adding a state horse, but haven’t yet agreed on a breed.

Check out the complete list below:

  1. Alabama – Racking Horse
  2. Florida – Florida Cracker Horse
  3. Idaho – Appaloosa
  4. Kentucky – Thoroughbred
  5. Maryland – Thoroughbred
  6. Massachusetts – Morgan
  7. Missouri – Missouri Fox Trotter
  8. New Jersey – Horse (State Animal)
  9. North Carolina – Colonial Spanish Mustang
  10. North Dakota – Nokota
  11. South Carolina – Carolina Marsh Tacky
  12. Tennessee – Tennessee Walking Horse
  13. Texas – American Quarter Horse
  14. Vermont – Morgan

States that have proposed breeds:

  1. Arizona – Colonial Spanish Horse
  2. Oregon – Kiger Mustang

Is your state listed? If not, what horse breed would you select to represent your state?