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Photos courtesy of @officiallyquigley Instagram……

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Photos courtesy of @officiallyquigley Instagram
Officially Quigley has officially raised the bar! Have you ever thought about wearing a bridal hat on your wedding day? If you haven’t, then think again! This is stunning. You can’t quite tell what the specific occasion is just yet, but just wait. Oh, too far! You can’t quite see the details yet, but they’re coming, I promise! Gorgeous! That bouquet and the saguaros are perfect together. Still not quite the photo we were looking for though. There it is! This look is absolutely STUNNING. Plan on putting a little couture into your big day. Think outside the box and come up with things you might not normally go with! Because, well, why not? Here’s our happy couple. Normally in the western world, the man is the one sporting a hat. Not this time! Want more off the wall bridal stylings? Check them out here!