Shelby Boisjoli and Jackie Crawford at Oklahoma's Richest. Photo by: Olie's Images.……

With the Inaugural Wrangler National Finals Breakaway Roping on the horizons, fan-picked favorite Shelby Boisjoli and 19x World Champion Jackie Crawford go head-to-head in a celebrity match roping, not for the weak of heart.

The match was held during Oklahoma’s Richest Calf Roping, hosted by the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma, October 17. With both women roping 10 calves each, it was not only a battle of speed – it was a battle of accuracy and horsemanship. 

The first round started off with nothing less than precision from both competitors. Crawford came out shooting, roping her first calf in 3.57 seconds but that didn’t deter Boisjoli, who came out roping her first calf in 4.09.

The battle carried on from there, neither contestant wavered. At the midway point Crawford was sitting with a total time of 16.36 on 5 head, while Boisjoli came in just under, with a total time of 15.81 on 5 head. 

Following a 30 minute break while the open tie-down ran it’s short go, both Crawford and Boisjoli came back ready to finish out their match. It was then that the first penalty occurred from Crawford – breaking out on her 6th calf to push her to a total time of 35.64 and leaving the door open for Boisjoli to take home the win. But just when it seemed like Boisjoli was unbreakable she also broke out on her 6th calf to be a 1.96, putting the competitors back on a level playing field coming down to the final 4 calves. 

With the competition neck and neck the match came down to the 10th and final calf. With a fast, clean catch from Crawford, finishing out with a time of 45.44 on 10 head, Boisjoli was in the hot seat – only needing to make a solid catch, under 5 seconds. The pressure was on. Boisjoli backed into the box and patiently waited on her calf to settle. The rest was a blur. Upon giving the nod, Boisjoli nailed her start, roping a hard runner in not just sub 5 but 2.78 – to be exact! With this, Boisjoli clenched the title of Champion and $5,000 in prize money, finishing with a total time of 41.34 on 10 head, against one of the undoubtably, greatest women ropers in history! 

What’s next for these two exceptional cowgirls? The bright lights of Arlington, Texas, where they will once again compete against each other, along with 13 other top women in the sport of breakaway roping at the first ever NFR Ladies Breakaway! Who will come out on top – Stay tuned to find out. This is just the beginning!