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The Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan are in full swing. The equestrian events began on July 24th and will continue through August 7th. Riders compete in dressage, eventing, and show jumping. How exciting is it to watch the action unfold?!? You may be wondering how the horses all got there though.

The Olympic Horses’ Journey to Japan

The horses must first enter a 7-day quarantine before they’re permitted to arrive in Tokyo. There are a total of 15 flights that will transport the horses to their new location. A skilled logistic team is behind the entire process.

It’s important the flight be calm and stress-free. Limited turbulence is also essential. For some of the horses, this was their first flight. Others are pros in the air by now!

Watch this unique clip to learn all about these horses journey to Tokyo. It’s quite interesting!

These professionals have a really cool (and important) job!