alisha newton cowgirl magazine
Photo by Michelle Faye……

In celebration of our annual COWGIRL 30 Under 30 presented by The Cowboy Channel search, we looked in all areas of business, sport, and entertainment.  Fans of Heartland have watched our cover girl Alisha Newton grow up on the critically acclaimed series, in which she has starred for nine seasons.  Viewers have witnessed Newton’s character, Georgie Flemming, blossom from a young scrappy preteen into a grounded 20-year-old.  Not only does she understand the value of hard work and fair play on the Heartland family ranch, she has also developed extraordinary equine skills. 

In real life, Newton is a disciplined professional who perfectly represents the character of COWGIRL’s 30 Under 30 endeavor. So not only is Alisha honored as one of our class of 2021, we have also taken this opportunity to feature her on the cover and in the pages of this important issue. Wendy Wilkinson sat with Alisha and shows us an inside look into the young actress’s life, both professional and private. Photographer Michelle Faye took the amazing pictures for the cover and article and captured Alisha both on, and off, the set.