Photo by Ken Amorosano. Hair and makeup by Julie Koeth.……

January 2020 marks ten years since the accident that left Amberley Snyder wheelchair bound. 

In the past ten years, the dynamic young rodeo competitor has taken an inspirational journey, along with a caring and super supportive family to become a highly-sought-after motivational speaker and spokesperson. 

Beating all odds, she rides and competes and travels the globe sharing her story and inspiring people as a shining example of what can be accomplished when you have the will and desire to overcome obstacles. 

The COWGIRL crew spent a couple of days visiting with Amberley and her family at their home in Elkridge, Utah, and asked her to reflect on the past ten years. 

In the interview, COWGIRL Publisher Ken Amorosano discusses the ups and downs, the achievements and disappointments, as well as the future and what Amberley is determined to accomplish.

We were inspired to say the least. Thank you to the Snyder family for allowing us into your lovely home and sharing your personal stories that motivate us all.