dolly parton on the cover cowgirl magazine

The long and lauded career of Dolly Parton is a hard one to encapsulate. When you think of the many songs and movies, let alone guest appearances and accolades, her story would fill a bookshelf in many different volumes. Dolly is a chameleon in all facets of pop culture, the arts, and philanthropy. She has always done it on her own terms, and many times silently and in the background. 

Dolly Parton has always given back to her community, the nation, and the world. In the upcoming feature, Dolly Parton: Cowgirl Empowered on Steroids, we take a snapshot of just this year to see the many colors and facets this American icon brings. And yes. This snapshot encompasses music, movies, books, and her generous philanthropic endeavors. 

We chose this black and white cover image that was taken back in 1977 by RCA Records when her album “Here You Come Again” was in record stores because we felt the image transcended the confidence and power exuded by today’s modern cowgirl. 

COWGIRL has always been a fan of Dolly Parton for not only what she has archived in her illustrious career, but what she stands for. We cannot wait to see what the coming years have in store for Miss Dolly, and we are proud to share this little glimpse of the powerful personality who never slows down and continues to be a role model for women around the globe.