Photo by Kirstie Marie Photography. Hobby Horse Zaza Show Jacket, Hat by Greeley Hat Works, Jewelry by Sunwest Silver Co Inc., Boots by Ariat, Styled by The Western Fashion Paige.

In the world of fashion, the Fall season is the time of year that brands and designers hone in on in terms of new products geared to sell over the holiday season. It actually begins earlier in the year when new designs are introduced to retail outlets and sometimes teased to the public to get a feel for what trends they are leaning into. 

Fall fashion is also an important part of COWGIRL. As part of our coverage of fashion and trends, we like to stay out in front of the curve by bringing the latest and newest products and styles to our valued readers, both in print and online. In this issue, we cover the newest items we have come across as well as what we discover is trending based on our observations at the big Dallas Market WESA Trade Shows in the spring and late summer, at events, rodeos, and other social functions. 

In the Fall Fashion feature, we let the brands speak for themselves. Typically, COWGIRL styles and photographs our own fashion features, but this time we asked many of the bigger brands to provide images from their own photo shoots. The results speak for themselves, and we are excited to share this interactive feature. 

Featured on the cover is an image provided by Hobby Horse by Kirstie Marie Photography. The model is wearing their ZAZA Show Jacket. The beautiful horse is Notice Im Packin aka “Kimber,” a 9-year-old gray mare owned by Julie Sherburne.