PRCA ProRodeo Photo by Phil Kitts.……

Jordon Briggs set the WNFR on fire in 2021 when she and her super horse, Rollo, swept the Thomas and Mack in Las Vegas to take home the World Championship Buckle. The gifted barrel racing champion is no stranger to the limelight, having made the WNFR once before back in 2009. Briggs, who along with her husband, Justin, also trains colts for futurities, saw something special in Rollo.

In her interview with COWGIRL Publisher Ken Amorosano, Briggs says that she sees just how consistent he is. “He just kind of knows, don’t hit a barrel. Don’t lean. Make the same run every time. Luckily, the same run he makes every time gets me a check almost all the time. So that’s a horse that just makes it fun.” The rising star athlete also appears to be following in her famous mom’s footsteps.

Although Briggs’ merits stand alone as the rider and trainer in this hard-to-beat team, she is blessed by the confidence she inherits as the daughter of one of the sport’s most accomplished superstars, ProRodeo Hall of Fame barrel racer Kristie Peterson. Peterson says that her daughter is competitive by nature. “She has way more talent than I do. She has a real gift with horses. She can jump on anything and ride. She understands that different horses are different and she’s just amazing that way.”