sarah mckibben and cadbury cowgirl magazine
Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

COWGIRL caught up with three of the best female horse trainers in the business to talk about what it takes to build a Cadillac horse. As the Wild West as we know it continues to expand, so does the need for super gentle horses that are turn-key, bombproof, and come calling at the very sound of your voice.  They’re not cheap by any stretch of the imagination, but when you think about safety, longevity, and the confidence you have in knowing you have the horse of your dreams, you really cannot put a price on it. 

Sarah McKibben, who is featured on the cover with Hershey’s Cadbury Cream “Cadbury” took the top seller title after a winning bid of a whopping $500,000 at the 2022 Cowgirl Cadillacs Horse Sale this past February at the Rancho de los Caballeros resort in Wickenburg. The 2016 Gypsy Gelding wowed the crowds of bidders and onlookers with his gentlemanly manners and gracious attitude, becoming ever so typical in the gentle horse arena. Bidders came from all across America to do their best to take home a true Cadillac horse, which in the case of Cowgirl Cadillacs, one that is trained for women, by women.  Sarah McKibben, along with trainers Megan Cobb and Alise Holst share their knowledge and training techniques in the in-depth article by COWGIRL’s Features Editor, Carly Billington. 

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