womens ranch rodeo
Photo by Ken Amorosano.……

Instead of the glamorous and sometime theatrical performances of today’s professional rodeos, ranch rodeos remain dedicated to the skill and determination necessary to work a ranch.  From their grass-roots evolution in the 19th century to the thousands of annual events today, ranch rodeos connect generations of cowboys and cowgirls across the country. 

At Art of The Cowgirl’s third annual presentation scheduled to take place in Queen Creek, Arizona, in January, cowgirls will be in the spotlight.  Bringing together seasoned and experienced ranch hands and horse trainers, this gritty group of female competitors will to not only demonstrate the skills necessary to effectively handle cattle and horses in what are real-life and normal ranching scenarios, they will also highlight the skills and determination of their horses, who in many cases are the real stars of the competition. 

COWGIRL is proud to be the title sponsor of this exhilarating event and we encourage you to come take a look at these honest ranching cowgirls and their horses as they continue a time-honored tradition.