Lexi Jordan‘s new single “Highway” is releasing tomorrow, and we’ve got an exclusive first look! The song is about her challenge of letting go of others’ opinions as well as personal fears. Lexi is choosing herself and following whatever sets her soul on fire! It’s a song that truly does make you want to throw your windows down, do your own thing, and be free. 

“It can be easy to talk yourself out of your dream when everyone is telling you it’s “too crazy”. Chasing any dream is scary to begin with, let alone when others are telling you you’re ‘not ready’ or ‘the timing isn’t right,'” she says. “I learned that only you know what your soul’s purpose truly is and to never let anyone tell you differently.”

Her favorite memory of “Highway” was listening to the song for the first time on the actual highway that goes through her hometown. “It was a full circle moment for me and showed me how far I have grown since first beginning this journey.”

Lexi hopes people feel a sense of freedom when listening to “Highway.” She wants it to inspire others to follow their own path even if others are pushing them towards another.

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