That’s right ladies, grab your wild rags and hankies and add them to your town outfit, because this is the latest style trend! Admittedly, I have always thought the classic red paisley bandana was slightly cheesey, because that’s the kind of thing you’d find in a corny Texas tourist shop and that’s what rodeo clowns wore, not fashionistas. However, now that I’ve seen them styled the right way, the bandana has never looked so chic to me! With that said, don’t get swept up in paisley-only prints either. Branch out into bright prints and patterns if you want!

You can tie your bandana in multiple different styles that suit you best, but I’m a big fan of the thin roll up. It has this retro, classy vibe that I’m LOVING. Plus, if you aren’t into the classic button down, jeans and boots look and you like to dress as funky as your personality, then the bandana is the perfect detail to add that western touch!