Put your peace signs up, hippies, and bust out the tie-dye, because it’s hot right now! This 70s trend isn’t just hand dipped t-shirts anymore. Designers are having fun with tie-dye on everything from scarves to rompers and pants. New age tie dying is being done in softer, more neutral colors for a look that is more chic and won’t harsh your mellow, man.

Mix tie-dye prints with all your fringed goods and boots for a psychedelic/western look. Tie-Dye’s not just for hippies anymore, sister, so embrace it!

Pictured above: Tie Dye Romper Available at Chica Chula Boutique

2-Slit Dress in Waterfall Tie Dye


Midnight Hour Black Tie Dye Pants

Starry Night Tie Dye Cold Shoulder


Petite Tie Dye Tapered-Leg Soft Pants

Exile Tie Dye High Low Dress


American Rag Tie Dyed Ruffled Tank Top


Tie Dye Fringe Kimono