Sleigh Ride at Paws Up Resort in Montana

The holiday season isn’t complete without traditions like Christmas choirs and decorating a tree. A horse-drawn sleigh ride is one I’d like to add to my list. What about you?

This fun-filled adventure is for the whole family. At the Trapp Family Lodge in Vermont, guests can take a ride overlooking the mountains while listening to the bells jingle on the sleigh.

Enjoy the snow-kissed fields and mountains of scenic Montana with a family sleigh ride at Paws Up resort. They even have a Christmas package that includes a visit with Santa!

Snow Mountain Ranch in Colorado offers a hot cocoa and dinner sleigh ride. Dashing through the snow has never been more exciting!

In Canada, those riding aboard the sleighs at Brewster Adventures enjoy incredible views from under a cozy blanket. The rides last from 45 to 60 minutes.

Through the meadows and woods of Utah, a horse team at Rocky Mountain Sleigh Company take a group of eager participants to a hot evening meal awaiting their return.

I hope you get to see what fun it is to ride on a one (or two) horse open sleigh.