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New York Times bestselling author Jane Kirkpatrick’s latest book is a charming, coming-of-age story that is destined to become a lasting treasure.  Based on actual events that transpired on one of the first pioneer wagon journeys over the Sierra Nevada, One More River to Cross is replete with examples of determination and fortitude.

In 1844, the Steven-Murphy company left Missouri hoping to be the first wagons into California.  Mostly Irish Catholic, they sought religious freedom out West.  All went well until October, when a heavy snowstorm forced the party to separate in four directions.  Each group feared losing those they loved as they planned their escapes or waited for rescue. 

Kirkpatrick plunges readers deep into a landscape of challenge where eight women, 17 children, and the men of the journey discover that fear and courage go hand in hand.  One More River to Cross is a story of friendship, family, risk, and hope that will remind you of what truly matters in times of trials. 

This survival story is a must for those looking for a good book to curl up with this fall.

Reviewed by Chris Enss, COWGIRL Book Editor, and a New York Times best-selling author who writes about women of the Old West.