There is nothing as strong as the bond between a cowgirl and her horse.……

Once you start riding be prepared to get lumped into a group of horse crazy girls. They speak their own language, spend all their time at the barn and are rarely understood by others. Horse lovers are a special breed!

If you agree with this list, then you know you’re an equestrian.

1. Your social media accounts are filled with horse pictures.

2. Your birthday and Christmas wishlists include new tack and riding apparel each and every time!

3. Hay is everywhere– your shoes, pockets, car, sofa, etc…

4. The smell of the barn is heavenly. In fact, you’d buy a candle of it!

5. You’ve watched every horse movie out there.

6. You’re brave and courageous. Riding can be considered an extreme sport, so it has definitely given you the confidence to try anything!

7. A real whipping is when your horse’s tail slaps against your face.

8. You’re not afraid of some mud on your hands (or face, arms, legs, clothing)! Face it, your horse has used you as a napkin on so many occasions.

9. Plastic bags should be in a horror film.

10. The bond between you and your horse is unbreakable. No boyfriend or bestie can compete with it!

Are those statements true to you? If so, welcome to the equestrian club!