Opossums have somehow gotten a bad reputation, but it turns out they are very helpful animals that help to clean up!

1. Opossums are actually very peaceful animals! They would much rather not attack, although they may hiss if backed into a corner. It’s more likely that they will play dead when threatened. “Playing dead” is actually an involuntary reaction. The stress from their encounter triggers a comatose state that they have no control over.

2. Somehow, opossums have gotten the reputation of being dirty and carrying diseases. That’s not true! They just happen to be scavengers that eat just about anything. This means they are actually very helpful cleaners.

3. Did you know that opossums kill about 5,000 ticks in just one season? They are able to sniff out most of the insects that try and feed off of them. Which means opossums help to combat Lyme disease!

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