Cowgirl - Nurse Mare Foals

Cowgirl - Nurse Mare Foals

In 1986, Last Chance Corral emerged as a facility for abandoned and neglected horses. The non-profit organization is located in Athens, OH. The rescue has many ongoing missions, but one of their largest is the Nurse Mare Foal Rescue Project. Over the years, they have saved thousands of nurse mare foals.

What exactly is a nurse mare foal? The mares are bred and produce the “orphan” foals so that their milk can be used for another more expensive foal. Common in the thoroughbred industry, the mare of the expensive foal is quickly rebred to produce yet another potential racehorse. The expensive foal nurses off its new surrogate mother and the average foal becomes an orphan.

These new orphan foals need a lot of support both in hands-on care and milk. Last Chance Corral openly accepts these babies and all the expenses that come with them. They have 4-10 at a time during most foal seasons. The facility averages costs of nearly $200 a day.

Once the orphan foals reach a certain point they are offered for adoption to the public. Adopters must meet special requirements and be willing to take in two at a time. If unable to adopt, people are encouraged to donate supplies or money to support the cause.

Look at these cuties from past foaling seasons. Maybe you’re interested in adopting?