Can you offer a safe and loving home?……

There’s nothing more adorable than a foal! Unfortunately, some find themselves orphaned for a variety of reasons. Their mother may have died or simply rejected them. There’s also a darker industry that results in nurse mare foals. If you’re an experienced horse handler, then consider opening your farm to one of these cuties!

You can learn more about the nurse mare industry at Last Chance Corral. They successfully rescue many orphaned foals throughout the year, though January through June is known as the “foaling season”.

Each foal is trained to drink milk from a bucket. The majority of their diet is hay and grain by 8 weeks of age though.

It’s not always smooth sailing… Adopters need to be experienced and have a barn safe for foals.

They come in all different colors, sizes and breeds! Many go on to become trail horses, jumpers, dressage superstars, among other things.

Last Chance Corral adopts their foals out in pairs. That means you have two to love!!

Who’s ready to welcome two of these orphaned foals into their stable?