Are searching for new beauty products and reading tedious reviews a girls worst nightmare? Or maybe you want to get a good grasp on certain makeup techniques like contouring or highlighting. Either way, these beauty bloggers do all the legwork for you. Check out our favorite beauty blogs below and we promise you will love what you see!

The Beauty Department

Photo courtesy of The Beauty Department

Not only does this beauty blog cover coveted makeup techniques like eyebrow shaping, how to achieve perfect beach waves, and contouring/highlighting, the visual step-by-step tutorials that go along with make it easy to replicate. The hair tutorials are another plus about this blog—you’ll never have a bad or boring hair day again!


Photo courtesy of Maskcara 

This makeup artist takes all of her techniques and shares them in this versatile beauty blog. She also has her own line of makeup so you can exactly replicate any of her looks. She also shares DIY recipes for making your own beauty treatments. You can check out her before and after photos she post for almost each tutorial or even watch how she creates them on her YouTube channel. 

Cult of Pretty

Photo courtesy of Cult of Pretty 

When you’re looking to broaden your makeup horizon with edgier and bolder techniques, this blog is your go-to. It keeps you up-to-date on all the latest beauty products, reviews of them, and even on some of the old classic beauty products.