out-of-the-wild-book-coverProlific author and horse trainer Mark Rashid’s latest book Out of the Wild revolves around an injured stallion that helps repair the lives of two broken people haunted by their past and fearful of their present.  Henry McBride is a hard drinking cattle rancher, drifting from town to town, trying to forget his troubles. Jessie King is the owner of a guest ranch, struggling to keep her business afloat. When McBride drifts Jessie’s way looking for work, she agrees to hire him on.  In addition to the regular chores around the spread, she needs a hand caring for a hurt mustang colt. Feelings between Jessie and McBride grow as the horse heals. Just when it seems old wounds are on the mend for the trio, a powerful force steps, and threatens to tear everything apart. Out of Wild is a forceful novel that teaches the indispensable lesson about loyalty, perseverance, and hope.