Photo by: The Barn Yard……

If you’re looking to spruce up your horse barn, then consider adding some outdoor-friendly accents. From wind chimes to sculptures, there are so many ways to make your horse’s home stylish and cute from Rod’s True Western. These rustic elements will give your horse barn a picture perfect image!

Check out these stylish outdoor options!

Grazing Horse Planter, $99.95, Rod’s.
Cast Iron Horse Dinner Bell, $29.95, Rod’s.
Embossed Tin Post Box, $59.95, Rod’s.
Horse with Bells Wind Chime, $39.95, Rod’s.
Trotting Horse Two-Sided Clock and Thermometer, $59.95, Rod’s.

How rustic and charming are these Rod’s outdoor decor pieces? You can set them inside and outside of your barn without worry. They’ll stand up to the weather!

If you’re looking for more ideas, horseshoe decor is just what your rustic barn needs!