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Let outdoor solar lighting brighten your world!

One of my favorite outdoor purchases this year have been my solar lanterns. They added much needed light to my backyard, plus they don’t require cords or electricity. Saving the planet never looked so good, especially with these lights.

Mason jar pendant lights from Pier 1, $14.98. I have these in just about every color and always get tons of compliments on them from houseguests.

Rustic chicken wire solar lanterns, $10.98. These get an A+ in both the looks and price department.

Outdoor solar yard lights can look too modern and don’t always mesh well with the landscape. A solar yard light with the addition of a mason jar makes the perfect quick and easy DIY.

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World Market firefly solar LED mason jar lantern, $11.99. World Market never disappoints when it comes to home decor. How perfect is this lantern?