Riding Fears

It’s normal to develop some fears of riding. When you push yourself harder to learn new techniques, accidents can happen that shake you up. If you don’t work to overcome this anxiety, it can snowball into a large problem. You might begin to avoid riding if it gets bad enough. Choose today to put an end to what’s holding you back!

Follow These Steps:

1. Identify the fear: Make a list of what’s actually frightening you when it comes to riding your horse. You need to figure out what you have to work on.

2. Mentally work through it: Once you identify the situations that cause the fear, start working through them. What is the worst that could happen? What is the likelihood that it could even be a real possibility? You might write down triggers or warning signs to look out for as well.

3. Learn to visualize a positive ride: Take some deep breaths and visualize what a good ride has looked like in the past.

4. Find an easy-going horse: Ride a horse that is as bombproof as they come. Develop your confidence of riding on a horse who won’t test you.

5. Take a few lessons: Explain your situation to an instructor and allow them to help you work through the fear. They should be understanding and not aggressive.

6. Slow and steady is good: Now that you have worked with an easy-going horse and taken a few lessons under an instructor, it’s time to take baby steps to work on your particular fears. Don’t put pressure on your rides, rather keep them short and relaxing. Most importantly, end rides on a good note before they get out of control.

You’re on the right path to overcoming your fears. Just take one step at a time!

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