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Chattanooga, TN, singer Rachel McIntyre Smith brings her “Rhinestone Cowgirl” aesthetic to her new single “Baggage”, which is releasing TOMORROW! In the vibrant tune, she channels her own love life, and we can’t stop listening. COWGIRL caught up with Rachel to talk about the new single and her future plans!

“Baggage” was inspired by Rachel’s dip into the dating pool at the start of the pandemic last year. She started dating a new guy, and of the experience she said “When we started dating, I had opened up to him about some personal things going on in my life and my anxiety. This guy, almost directly after I opened up about my mental health problems, called me up and said ‘I think this is where I’m going to step off. I think that you have too much baggage you need to work through.'”

However, the timing of it all was too perfect. Her lease had just expired, and she was having to move into a new place at the time of the breakup. While he’s calling her to tell her this, her literal baggage is strewn around her room. Everything was packed up, ready to go. Rachel said “I had this moment where I looked in the mirror and was like ‘He just sees me for my baggage, but I can see the whole package.'” The rest is history, and “Baggage” became a reality.

Luckily for her, Covid has not hindered any of her release plans. She said, “I studied Communications at University of Tennessee Chattanooga and had foreseen the trend where singers/songwriters needed to be able to do their own social media, own video editing, that kind of stuff. It’s helped with releases because I’ve been able to do my own video editing and content that I would need to be able to do to promote my releases.”

Although Rachel is used to recording and producing her own music remotely, she misses being able to play live shows to promote her music. She has some virtual shows lined up in the coming months, as well as at least 2 more songs! We cannot wait to hear what else she brings to the table! One of her big visions is she wants a group of moms to belt out her songs at a karaoke bar. We feel like “Baggage” has that potential!

Check out the lyric video for her new tune, which she created all by herself! Rachel enjoys every aspect that goes into music production, not just writing songs and singing them, and enjoys creating all the visuals to her songs. For this video, she channelled her passion for graphic design and drew all the images and animated them.

Make sure you connect with Rachel, she loves hearing from her fans, friends, and our COWGIRL family!