Photo courtesy of @yeti on Instagram. ……

Whoo! It seems the days keep getting hotter and hotter! And just in time for the height of summer rodeo and horse show season, too! 

This is your sign to pack a Yeti cooler to take with you to your next equine adventure. 

What more do you need than just water in a cooler? I’m glad you asked! 


Lots and lots of water! Don’t forget a dog water, too, if you brought your pup sidekick with you! 


Or any drinks with extra electrolytes will work! Sometimes your body needs more than just water in heat like that! 


Strawberries and cherries and apples, oh my! There’s a rumor that fruits will aid in hydration. Plus, how good does a sweet snack like that sound! Watermelon, anyone? 


A cooler will keep the chocolate chips from melting in your favorite trail mix or granola bar! No one like a hot snack anyway! 


Saving money, staying healthy, the convenience of lunch… all the reasons to pack your own lunch in a cooler! 

You’re going to need a customized Yeti for this!