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“It started with a desire to design western fashion. That calling quickly became a journey, and through education, travel, research, and opportunities, the concept was built. I set out to deliver a functional fitting arena shirt for people who rode performance horses. However, it was about delivering more than just a shirt. It was to share the feeling of confidence and beauty that I found when I wore quality clothing that fit me properly.

“Pursue Victory was launched in 2014 with six colors of the tailored fit “Power Collar” shirts.  Manufactured in Calgary, Pursue Victory expanded beyond the western market into the urban scene, learning quality and functionality are values appreciated across the board. Taking the proven functional fit of Pursue Victory shirts, we went back to the drawing board. With research, museum visits, and more travel, combined with a lifetime of learning and love for the old west, Paige 1912 came to life.

“Where the wild west meets high fashion, Paige 1912 brings new styles of functional fitting shirts to the market, accompanied with other western fashion accessories.” – Paige Callaway, Owner & Chief Designer.

This shirt is punchy as can be with a wicked twist!

Feel like dressing it up a little more? Go for it! Katy Jade did.

The Pendleton Shirt has a fun bow detail on the collar that is just irresistible.

Welcome the spring sunshine with this floral shirt.

LOVING the vintage collar!

If you’re a class act, pinstripes are for you!