All photos courtesy of Double J Brand……

With dancing bright red fringe and a painted back number, numerous NFR friends, family, and relatives wore Double J Brand’s painted denim jackets to the National Finals Rodeo. 

Eighteen-year-old, Jessie Mae Johnson designed and created unique denim pieces for families and friends of those competing in the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. Jessie Mae painted an exact replica of Tyson Durfey’s back number on three jackets for his wife and two girls. She did the same for Shad Mayfield’s sister, Shelby Mayfield, and Lefty Holman’s sister, Billie Holman. 

Jessie Mae had been painting items for her business since April of last year. She wanted to create custom products for people, and this was her way in. Her first was a white denim vest with Crayola washable paint. “I painted a desert landscape on the back of my vest. It actually turned out pretty good and I will always keep it for memory sake,” she explained.

Painted denim is a growing trend and one I can fully support! It is an easy and stylish way to create custom pieces for yourself and others. 

In previous years, Kimes Jeans has been an advocate for painting their denim clothes. Whitney Benton, known by her Instagram handle, Western Couture, modeled a painted pair of Betty Black Jeans. Since then, we have seen the painted denim trend take off and continue to grow among the cowboys and cowgirls of the western world.  

Western fashion influencer, Shaley Ham, more commonly known by her Instagram handle, West Desperado, wore painted jeans for a day outfit at the National Finals Rodeo. In bright white paint, the word “Yeehaw” was painted on her right leg.

Artists have started painting all types of clothing to grow the trend. Brailey Shaye at BSM Kustom Kreations started painting Vans and Hey Dudes. She focuses on western designs with a western color palette and silhouettes of cowboys and cowgirls. Her designs are custom ordered and super stylish. 

If you are interested in a piece from BSM Kustom Kreations, here are her Instagram and Facebook.

If you are interested in a piece from Double J Brand, she will have a booth set up at the First Mondays Flea Market in Canton, TX from April 29th to May 2nd. She also takes orders off TikTok, Instagram and Facebook. Her handle for every platform is @doublejbrand. She will be changing her brand name to Risin’ S Co. in the coming months. 

I believe painted denim will be a mark of all rodeo fans in the next few years. It is a great way to create custom and unique pieces specific to your taste. Have fun painting the town red with painted clothing!