@weeping_willow_farm on Instagram. Here's an amazing barn made out of pallets.……

As wood prices continue to soar, you may be looking for a good alternative. Pallets are an excellent source of reclaimed wood. You can even find them for free! Many DIYers have turned pallets into barns, run-in shelters, hay feeders, and other unique things. Time to get creative and save a few dollars.

You can create a new pasture with a DIY fence!

A run-in shelter offers protection from the sun, rain, wind, and snow.

Keep your horse’s hay off the ground with a homemade feeder. @rabbithollowfarm has one for her goats, but they can be made for horses, cows, sheep, and other animals.

This stool can be used for braiding manes or even as a mounting block.

After a long day, hang your muck boots up to dry!

What crafty projects can you think of? Pallets can be turned into a million and one things.