poppyseed pancakes

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Cowgirl Hotlist

Last time we had healthy alternatives to the classic pancake. Now we have new and interesting recipes like pumpkin, poppyseed, and more! Try them out to add a little flair to your Sunday morning classic. Lemon Poppyseed Pancakes From Joy The Baker My personal favorite flavor is lemon poppyseed, so these pancakes are the ultimate treat! Try them out for a new take on your favorite breakfast food. Blueberry Pancakes From Smitten Kitchen An American classic, blueberry pancakes never go out of style. Cowboy Pancakes From Whats Cooking? These simple pancakes are quick and easy to make and can be topped with nearly anything for a yummy breakfast for everyone. Peanut Butter Pancakes From This Homemade Life All we can say to this is YUM. Apple Cider Pancakes From Sincerely Kinsey For a delectable and sweet variation of pancakes try this apple cider recipe! Clinton Street Bakery’s Famous Blueberry Pancake From Buzzfeed One more blueberry pancake recipe just for good measure. You can never go wrong with a classic! Carrot Cake Pancakes From MyRecipes These thick pancakes with all the flavor and spice of carrot cake will surely be a hit with everyone who tries them! Pumpkin Pancakes From Spicy Southern Kitchen Though summer is still in full swing, we can’t help but dream about the sweet and spicy combinations that always come with fall and all of those delicious pumpkin goods. The Perfect Pancakes From The Pioneer Woman No pancake party would be complete without the perfect pancake, just plain with no trimmings. Always delicious!