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What’s The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Team Been Up To?


What’s The Parelli Natural Horsemanship Team Been Up To? Pat and Linda Parelli are transforming horses and their owners!

Parelli Team

Linda riding English and Pat riding western. What a great team! (PC: Parelli)

The incredible Parelli duo has been changing the lives of horses and their riders for years now. Their natural horsemanship approach has been a huge hit in the equestrian world. They strive to teach better communication between horse and handler. Pat and Linda aren’t afraid to deal with the difficult cases. They fix problems and get results!

What have they been doing lately? Check it out!

Pat working in the round pen and demonstrating liberty. He shows you the relationship you can eventually have with hard work and persistence.

Linda demonstrates how to build confidence in your horse with the Friendly Game. There are seven games in the Parelli program that make learning fun and easy.

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@lindaparelli is showing us how the Friendly Game is more than swinging your stick and string, it is more about creating confidence in the human environment. We use simple tools like the stick and string to help you to learn the basics of psychology like retreat and re-approach, pressure and release, etc. Once you learn the basic language, you take the principles and apply it to your everyday training. We’re going to dive deep into this style of training at the Summit, especially as it pertains to Liberty, Loading and Lead Changes. Using the promo code at check: Iwant2 you will save $199. Secure your seat now:

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The Savvy Team out having some fun! The Savvy Club is a step by step program that guides you through the training process. You can expect amazing results! There’s also online resources and events to meet Pat and Linda. Get more info here!

You can find them at clinics, expos, and various events! Keep up with all of their appearances.

They’re definitely a husband and wife dream team!

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