Pat Dahnke is one of the sweetest ladies I’ve ever met with the coolest style! When I was at Dallas Market, we both entered on the same elevator full of people and I remember thinking, “That lady has got it going ON!”

I walked into her showroom just a little while later only to see Miss Pat and immediately hear, “Sweetheart I saw you on the elevator and you look so cute in your leopard duster and fringe boots!” Let me tell you, my day was absolutely made.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, she started putting her clothes on me!

I’ve seen fringe belts before, but never like this! The hide detail on the top along with the shorter beading make it a showstopper.

This is fringe heaven! It’s difficult to tell from a picture, but Miss Pat specially treats the fringe strands so each piece is textured in order to give a look of even more movement.

This is absolutely amazing. Though not quite as long as the other belts, this one is just as eye-catching!

Here we have the leading lady herself with her squad! Miss pat is the second gorgeous gal from the right, and absolutely killing that look!