Cowgirl - Die Trying TX

I know, I know, it’s summer, but I, for one, NEVER put away my denim jacket during the summer.

1. Because every now and then we have a pretty cool summer night here in Texas.

2. Why would you put it away if you’ve got denim jackets covered in badass patches from Die Trying TX?

This company was a pleasant new find for me while scrolling through the many temptations of Instagram (Follow them @dietryingtx). Die Trying TX is all about that easy living, effortlessly cool style. Bringing back the vintage trend of patched denim like no other. Each patch is chainstiched with hand operated machines that were used to create traditional western wear back in the good ole’ days!

You can start a collection of their patches to apply to your own denim, or buy yourself the whole kit and caboodle with a pre-sown, gently worn denim jacket or vest covered in their beautiful artwork!

Either way, just support handmade and support this western artist!

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Arrowhead Patch