When it comes to bull riders, Silvano Alves is one of the best in the PBR. Not only is he one of only two athletes to ever win three PBR World Champion titles, he also is the only rider to ever win back to back titles. Talk about impressive!

Many PBR fans are well acquainted with Silvano after his appearance in the Netflix series Fearless. In the series that aired in 2016, Silvano was just coming off of his first major career injury. For those who don’t know, he broke his hip in 2015. The injury rattled Silvano’s confidence temporarily.

Fast-forward to 2018, and Silvano appears to be making his long awaited comeback. The 30 year old rider showed no signs of slowing down this past weekend in Arizona at the Ak-Chin Invitational. In fact, fans of his will be happy to know that he’s riding how he was in his champion days.

So…will Silvano take home his 4th PBR World Championship title? If he keeps riding the way he is, the answer is yes.

It’s interesting to think that the talented young guns, Silvano Alves and JB Mauney, are now both veterans of the sport, but still just as competitive as they were in their younger days.

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Photo by Ken Amorosano