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Horsewoman and mother Robin Packard was featured on Ursula Myers’ (@ursulastrailofturquoise) #ThisIsHowIWestern for her Western home that is essentially a rodeo cowgirl’s paradise slash Pendleton dream house (the blankets they have are insane).

“My inspiration is ‘modern ranch,'” wrote Robin on Instagram. “I wanted a look that would be somewhat timeless [with] flairs of modern.”

The family room shows off that timeless Western style…

…while the kitchen provides the modern flair.

Naturally, accessories are necessary in any Western home. Robin’s place is full of Western blankets, many of them Pendleton, and each bedroom seems to highlight a different blanket’s color scheme! It’s essentially a Pendleton dream house.

Her two children also rodeo; her son is a bull rider and her daughter has won two world titles. Robin wanted to make sure the house reflected their rodeo triumphs.

“My son is really into bull riding, so I knew I wanted to do a mural to really pop his room. It’s a crazy mix from target clear to Brumbaughs.”

“One of my favorite features is the rock wall [with] trophy saddles. My daughter Ryann has won two world titles, one in NCHA and the other winning the High School nationals. It’s a fun way to feature those prestigious awards!”

Those aren’t the only trophies in the house! Check out these buckles…

While you’re at home, you might as well redecorate. Take some inspiration from Robin’s Pendleton dream house and give your place a makeover!

Try some of these DIYs to help you get some fresh decor on a budget.