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One of my favorite rodeos of the year is hands down Pendleton! It’s a whole new playing field…literally! The cowboys and cowgirls that show up better be ready and firing with their pony partners because it’s definitely unlike any other rodeo on the circuit. All that being said though, I equally love to see all the western flair that shows up to stun. Take a look at these leading fashionistas who graced everyone with their presence at Pendleton this year.

Slay, girl! You are a bright and shining beacon of color in that crowd of plaid-clad cowboys, and I am L-O-V-I-N-G it! Color is your friend, darlings! Wear it loud and proud!

Okay, so is everyone ready for me to contradict myself? Yes? Good deal! First of all, when does Jena not look fabulous? The answer is never! She’s back in black and looking fine as ever!

Shaley, why are you so fabulous? I love both of these looks, but the one on the left really speaks to me. I love the bells paired with the plain tank and the choker to push it over the top!

Shaley’s fabulous times two! Or would it be four? I do have to ask: do you have those Coconut fringe shoes in every color? Because if so…definitely jealous!

I spy…high-waisted jeans at Pendleton? I think yes! Pairing some retro Rockies or Wranglers with a graphic tee tied in a knot has become a new favorite of mine!

Want more fashion inspiration? Let’s throw it back to Cowboy Christmas!