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Back in May, Pendleton Whisky announced that it would be donating $100,000 to the Western Sports Foundation’s Protect the Ride campaign. Pendleton’s efforts haven’t ceased since then; the brand is still raising funds to help Western athletes who are not competing due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

When coronavirus rodeo cancellations began, many Western athletes started missing out on paychecks. Protect the Ride was started to help struggling rodeo athletes during this time, and since its launch, the Western Sports Foundation has raised over $150,000 for athlete aid.

Pendleton contributed greatly to Protect the Ride last month with their donation of $100,000, and they have bandanas for sale on their website with all proceeds going to the campaign. So far, they’ve sold 98 bandanas, and the number is still climbing. Bandanas are available for purchase here.

Pendleton Whisky and the Western Sports Foundation have prepared a special message for this weekend’s RidePass broadcast of the PBR Monster Energy Team Challenge; they’ll be encouraging more fans to give to Protect the Ride. The companies want to help as many athletes as possible through fundraising.

To donate, visit Protect The Ride’s website.