Kellie White-Rettinger is a cowgirl of a different breed. Born and raised in Ohio, Kellie claims that her love for horses started before she was born. Fast-forward to the future, and her entire life revolves around horses; Percheron draft horses that is!

I had the pleasure of talking with Kellie last week to get the scoop on all things Percheron. Kellie explains, “My entire life has revolved around horses, and I am currently the co-owner of 9 beautiful black Percheron draft horses. Our farm name is Whispery Pines Percherons. We specialize in show hitching, carriage rides, sleigh rides, logging, and special events. We attend over 12 major shows a year, with the Ohio State Fair, Keystone International Livestock Expo, and Equine Affaire being some of our larger shows.”

However, it is not the shows that matter so much to Kellie, but the lives that are changed from meeting her beautiful horses, “In doing this we have touched the lives of so many people. We get to allow people to experience our horses on a personal level.”

I had to save the best for last. Are there any Road to the Horse fans in the house? Kellie shared some exciting news with me regarding the famed competition.

She says, “In June of 2017 I received a phone call from an organization called Road to the Horse based in Lexington, Kentucky. The event runs March 23-25th and is shaping up to be epic! It is the World Championship of Colt Starting. We were invited to perform with our six-horse hitch and I was asked to ride as the Headless Horseman for the opening ceremonies each day. There has never been any type of draft horses at this show before. I almost dropped my phone! This year there are four world champions coming back to compete against one another in the 15th year anniversary celebration. It is Mardi Gras theme. I don’t think I have ever been so excited! This will be one of the biggest events that I’ve ever done in my life.”

There’s no doubt about it, Kellie is one hardworking horsewoman! Make sure to check out the Whispery Pines Facebook page for more info on Kellie and her Percherons.