Boarding your horse is like finding a babysitter for your child. I’m sure you wish you could do all the care yourself, but sometimes that’s just not an option. You’re either short on time, land, or amenities. Boarding can be a great alternative for equestrians without acres of land in their backyard. Before you sign the contract though, make sure you thoroughly do your homework!

Top Tips for Choosing a Boarding Barn

  • Convenient location
  • Fits in your budget
  • Clean, well-maintained facility
  • Experienced staff members
  • Safe fencing in paddocks
  • Secure tack room or lockers
  • Barn rules
  • Community of friendly people
  • Place to ride
  • Good footing in arena
  • Instructor or trainer
  • Variety of services offered (such as holding for farrier, grooming, or blanketing)
  • Horses are healthy looking
  • Quality of hay and grain
  • Fly control
  • Types of disciplines at barn
  • Hours open
  • Type of care (Read: 4 Different Horse Boarding Options)

As you are choosing between the different barns, it is advisable to create a checklist and rank each one you visit. Only you can decide what amenities you need and how much you can afford. Never neglect to consider the care your horse will receive. The barn must fit both of you!