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Every cowgirl wants her wedding day to be everything she has dreamed of…and more! Having the perfect colors is no exception.

Choosing your perfect colors is a fun and important part of the planning process! It allows you to express your personal style and creativity.

Colors are important parts of wedding decorations, from place settings to attire to invitations to flowers.


First, select a base color (the color used most throughout your wedding). It could be anything from blush pink to navy blue. Most importantly, needs to be a color that you love!

Once you have your base color, the next step is to choose complementary accent colors. Generally, two or three accent colors work well. While choosing these colors, take into consideration your wedding season and venue! These two things can help you finalize the color palette for your big day.

Traditionally, bright colors are popular for summer, pastels for spring, and warm hues for fall. Of course, it’s your day; do your own thing and choose your perfect colors based on what makes you happy!


There is no wrong choice in perfect colors for your wedding. It’s all about you and your love. Do what feels right!