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Your riding helmet can’t protect your head correctly if it doesn’t fit right. One that is too big will fall forward and block your vision and one too small will be tight and uncomfortable. You want one that fits just right, snug but not overly. Fortunately, you can buy the perfect helmet with these simple steps!

Helmet Fitting Guide

Troxel has a helpful guide to measuring your head for the perfect fit. It can be done in three steps! You start with a measuring tape around your head. Use that number and compare it to the chart. Lastly, try on a few different models to determine your favorite one!

Once you find the right one, you can further customized the fit. Many helmets offer a dial feature on the back that tights it around your head. You can also adjust the inner padding by adding more or taking out some.

If you’re able, try to buy one at a tack store with a representative that knows how to fit them correctly. The helmet should be level with the buckles locked and snug under your chin.

Safety first when riding!