At home manicure essentials

[tps_header]At home manicure essentials

Cowgirls and freshly manicured nails don’t always go together, but we can try. Take good care of your hands and feet with a few simple products. These inexpensive items will help you give yourself that perfect at home mani and pedi.

The Spongellé Pedi Buffer in mandarin mint is amazing. Use it in your shower to gently buff away dry skin, moisturize, and polish. The smell is heavenly too.

Treat you hands and feet to some coconut oil. It doesn’t have to be a daily ritual, but a few times a week makes a huge difference.
Keep your cuticles soft with L’Occitane shea nail and cuticle oil.

Say goodbye to basic nail polish and purchase nail wraps instead. They can have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to the first application, but the results are worth it. When applied correctly, these last up to two weeks. Hello horse print!

If nail wraps and polish still seems like too much work, go for basic nail stickers. Horse silhouette stickers can be applied to a naked or polished nail.

Use all of these products to keep your hands and feet looking beautiful.[/tps_header]