Cowgirl - Name

Cowgirl - Name

It can be hard to choose a name for your new horse or foal. In many cases, this will be his permanent name for the rest of his life. When you buy a new horse, there could be a few situations where you’ll need to change or pick a new name for him.

For everyday usage, a short barn name is easier for everyone. Make sure you can imagine calling it across the field. Names should be easy to pronounce and spell. Your barn manager, vet, and farrier will have to identify your horse by what you select.

A show name can be much more complex. Typically, the sire’s and dam’s name is incorporated into the foal’s. If your horse will be registered, it is very important to follow the breed registries’ guidelines. It will have to be unique, as most won’t allow duplicates.

When trying to decide, think of what makes your horse special. Does he or she have a star marking? Are they spunky or laid-back? Some owners like to include things that have special meaning to them, such as sports or music.


  • Foods
  • Celebrity pets and people
  • Gods and goddesses
  • Flowers, trees, and plants
  • Famous authors
  • Disney movies
  • Music
  • Cars
  • Colors
  • Holidays
  • Locations

Names can be silly and goofy or sleek and traditional. It’s all about finding something that fits. Give it some time and it will come to you!