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Ever want your hair up and out of your face but still want to be stylish? The perfect braid is not so far away!

Braids are the perfect statement that you might need to spice up an outfit. Whether you are going to a rodeo, running errands, working, or hitting the town with your girlfriends, these videos from Habit Salon will help you find the perfect hairstyle for every occasion!

This pony is to die for! If you want something quick and easy, this one’s for you.

If you’re not about the pony life, try this version of a crown braid. Rather than braiding all hair into a crown, this hairstyle uses only small pieces and leaves the rest down, appearing almost like a headband.

Spice up your braid with a clip, comb, scarf, or tie to Westernize your hairstyle!

Now that your hair is stylin’ and wylin’, add some turquoise hair accessories!